• We Love Dude With Sign

    Are we bandwagon jumping just because we like the signs that Seth Phillips is holding up in New York? It might be. (Yes, Zara is selling shirts with a ‘Dude […]

  • Don’t Worry, Beautiful People Will Still Be Having Sex in Olympic Village

    One of the great things about the Oylmpics happening every 4 years is that it allows beautiful specimens of human beings from around the globe to come together, compete and, […]

  • Huge Ass Goldfish Found in Minnesota

    Do you remember that story growing up about the person who flushed their baby alligator down the toilet in New York and that’s why there are alligators living in the […]

  • Finland No Longer Paints Reindeer Antlers

    If, you’re like us, you have friends and family sending you all sorts of articles, trying to one-up you at the game of providing quality content to the website. Well, […]

  • Man Arrested For Hiding Crystal Meth in His Manhood

    You don’t need us to tell you this story took place in Florida. An Orlando man named Shaft Bang Adams was arrested by police after they discovered crystal meth in […]

  • Texas Man Sues Stripper

    A Houston, Texas man is suing a stripper to get back his money and his Harry Potter DVDs. Robert Wallace said he dated stripper Nomi, and loaned her $30,000 and […]

  • Bears Crash Pool Party

    A pool party being held by teens in Tennessee was broken up early last weekend when 7 black bears decided to join in the party. No word if they brought […]

  • CDC Says Don’t Kiss Your Chickens

    Nevermind counting them, the CDC is saying that you shouldn’t kiss your chickens during an outbreak of salmonella. “Don’t kiss or snuggle backyard poultry, and don’t eat or drink around […]

  • Farmer Accidentally Makes Belgium Bigger

    You know how it is, you go to mow the lawn and the next thing you know, you’ve redrawn international borders. A farmer in Belgium did just that when he […]

  • Target Stops Selling Pokemon Cards, Thanks Middle-Aged Men

    Target has announced they will no longer sell Pokemon cards after a brawl broke out at a store in Wisconsin. How bad was the fight that broke out? Guns were […]

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