Flash’s 2020 Gift Guide- Pt 3: Why?

This third and final section is titled Why?- the Holiday Years. And, just so you know, we aren’t asking, ‘why should we give gifts this year,’ (though, who really gives gas cards & Table Talk apple pies as gifts? You know who, Aunt Ruth? You do.) But, instead, we mean Why? as in our show. These are things made by some of our wonderful guests.

We’ve broken up this year’s guide into several sections, for ease of access and so we can give your ApplePay account a breather. (You’re welcome, ghost of Steve Jobs.) Today, here is part three of the guide.

Thank You For the Music

We’ve been fortunate to talk to a lot of great musicians over the years, and several of them have new records out that we want to tell you about.

BrownMark- There’s a new boxed set featuring Sign O the Times, and what better soundtrack to listen to while reading Mark’s memoir? Listen to our interview with BrownMark here.

John Ellison– John was on our show to promote his powerful singled, “Black Like Me.” And maybe the holidays don’t seem to be the place to bring up subjects like Black Lives Matter, if you can’t discuss these things in your own home, how can you do it outside your home? DO YOU HEAR US AUNT RUTH? John’s website promises new music coming soon and we cannot wait. In the meantime, listen to our interview with John here. (And John also makes ‘Some Kind of Wonderful,’ spices to make your food more exciting. The man never disappoints!)

Jules Shear– “Slowness.” You remember when Jules sent Heidi a mix tape? Well, here’s his new record to listen to instead. It’s typical Shear pop-brilliance, which sounds like damning with faint praise, but when you’re as talented as Jules is, well, how else do you say it? Listen to our interview with Jules here.

Suzi Quatro– Well, what better way to tell Uncle Ron to go stuff it than by blaring “Can the Can,” really loudly from your old bedroom now converted to a place where your mom stores stuff she doesn’t know where to put. Suzi is continuing to rock out, pandemic be damned. But she’s not doing it live, but instead in a new documentary film about her life called “Suzi Q.” It’s a fun trip down Devil’s Gate Drive and, well, who doesn’t need something fun about now? Listen to our conversation with Suzi here.

Richie Ramone– He was in the Ramones. Play his music loud. Listen to our interview with Richie here.

Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club We were thrilled beyond words to talk with Chris Frantz from Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club about his career in music. Because, if you need something uplifting and life affirming during these difficult times, both of Chris’ bands fit the bill. (And if you haven’t listened to the first Tom Tom Club record in a while, do so, for your own sake. It’s wonderful.) Listen to our interview with Chris here.


We got books. Lord, do we have books. We have so many, we can’t write something nice about all of them because we’ll be here all day. So, here’s a partial list. We like them all.

Quinn Anderson– For the best LBGTQ erotica around, Quinn’s the writer you need. Listen to her interview here.

Malcolm J Brenner– An expert in a variety of fields, Malcolm is memorable. Listen to his interview here.

BrownMark– Apart from playing bass in Prince & the Revolution, BrownMark also roller skated with Prince. Please. Listen to his interview here.

Donna Drucker– Want to know about the history of contraception? (It’s funner than that sentence makes it sound.) Listen to Dr. Drucker here.

Tammy Jo Eckhart– The Chocolate Priestess has all sorts of writing available on her website. Listen to her interview here.

Chris Frantz- Chris recounts his life in music with his memoir. Listen to his interview here.

Angie McCartney– Angie takes us down the long and winding road of her life with this fascinating look into a life touched in so many ways by one of the greatest bands of all time. Listen to her interview here.

Andy Mulvihill- Action Park was a unforgettable place to visit in the 1980s and Andy recounts the history of the park and his father’s life in this interesting memoir. You can listen to his interview here.

Tom Nabbe– Get a look inside the Disney life from Disney Legend Tom Nabbe. Tom knew Walt. Can you get any more Disney than that? Listen to his interview here.

The Penguin Lady (Dyan deNapoli)– Dyan has devoted her life to saving penguins and has written several books about her work. Listen to her interview here.

Sarah Jett Rayburn– On top of being a four-time Jeopardy! champion, Sarah is an author of an ambitious science fiction series. Listen to her interview here.

Andrew Shaffer– Author of the Obama/Biden mysteries, what better way to get ready for #46 with a jaunt down memory lane. Andrew has just released his latest book, a Christmas-themed horror novel, Secret Santa. Listen to his interview here.

Cherry Vanilla– She knew Bowie. She knew Warhol. What else do you need to know? Cherry’s memoir is open, honest and unflinching. Listen to her interview here.


Everyone loves a good film. And we can’t recommend these high enough.

The Hills Have Eyes- Suze Lanier-Bramlett’s debut film and what a debut. Maybe it’s not for everyone’s Christmas Eve, but maybe it is for you. Listen to our interview here.

Well-Groomed– Competitive dog grooming is a thing. And if your Aunt and Uncle won’t stop talking about how great Best in Show is, well, get them this. It will blow their minds. Listen to our interview with the film’s director.

You Don’t Nomi- Again, what better Christmas can be spent watching the breakdown of all the themes and messages located in Paul Verhoven’s Showgirls? This documentary is fascinating and one of the best we’ve seen all year. No, really. Listen to our interview with the film’s director here.

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