It’s National Nude Day!

Happy National Nude Day! Until this year we thought July 14, was just for storming the Bastille, who knew it was also a day to strip down, feel the breeze and celebrate being naked?

In honor of this momentous occasion, we thought it was the perfect chance to honor some of our favorite naked friends. Now, we’re pretty sure the majority of our guests have had some pretty stellar experiences involving nudity but below are a few standouts for your listening pleasure. We recommend you enjoy these in your birthday suit perhaps with a little skinny dip or air bath?  Why? does not, however, recommend doing this in a public place that frowns on nudity. That is, unless you’re a professional like world famous streaker Mark Roberts.

Speaking of Mark, here’s his interview. Although it’s one of our earliest episodes and the sound quality is a bit rough, it’s still one of our most popular episodes of all time. We know the world wants to know what possesses someone to make a career of streaking large events for the fun of it. We found out, and the reason may surprise you.  Listen here.

For those who are more curious what it’s like to let it all hang out with friends, here is our hilarious interview with Nude Beach Afficianado Harry Levy. Not only does he give lots of tips on how to protect those naughty bits from the sun. He also shares nude beach etiquette and some hilarious stories. We actually recorded this episode with Heidi on the Nude Beach with Harry in St. Maarten. Were they naked for the interview? You’ll have to listen to find out.  Listen here.

If you take nudity a little more seriously and are a little more classy than we are, be sure to check out our interview with Art Model Callista Womick. She was a Rockstar of an interview and gave us more insight into the beauty of all human bodies than any amount of listening to “Free to Be You and Me.” Her interview is a “Why?” classic, plus if anyone catches you listening you have the perfect excuse of, “It’s art.”  Listen here.

Another pro in the world of being au natural is our friend Erin Thomas Gavin. The man literally created the art form of blurring the naughty bits on Naked and Afraid. He’s been up close and personal with more contestants than anyone would care to be and he’s a great interview. We ask him if you’ve seen one vagina have you really seen them all and other important questions of the sort. Listen here.

Did you know Benjamin Franklin was found of stripping down and running around outside naked? He called it air bathing, and apparently, it’s good for you. We discovered this fascinating little-known fact about our country’s randiest founding father straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, his impersonator’s mouth but it’s still a real fact. Take a trip back in time with the world’s most famous Ben Franklin reenactor, Brian Patrick Mulligan.  Listen here.

And who can forget those naked bodies floating over the earth thanks to Jeff Dawson and his fellow members of the Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving (SANS)? From the way he tells it, we’re pretty sure there’s no better way to feel the wind in your… hair than jumping out of an airplane in the buff. Listen here.

Finally let’s welcome to the stage, Jeffrey McHale and his documentary You Don’t Nomi. Sit back, relax and watch the talent work its magic in this homage to the cult classic Showgirls. Nudity abounds in the 1995 NC-17 film. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Listen here.

We’ll be back to celebrate with you all again next year, complete with a whole new host of nude episodes. Naked people are kind of our jam.

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