Episode #182 — The Tantra Chair

It’s time for our first (and possibly only) installment of Why? The Podcast: This Week in History. In this historic moment and for your listening pleasure, we’ve summoned our winsome, wayward, and wary Reluctant Executive Producers to our microphone together for the first time. It’s less Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited,” and more Rupert Holmes’s “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” — meaning we learned some interesting things about each other that we never would have suspected. For instance, we knew Sandy liked makin’ love at midnight, in the dunes on the cape. But we didn’t know John lived on the edge, holding important calls at highway rest stops for long enough periods of time that state troopers become suspicious.

What auspicious occasion brought these producers together? (Note we said, “these producers” and not “all our producers.” The rest of the producers weren’t asked to participate but it’s not a big deal. One of them wouldn’t care if she was asked or not. And the other one is far too busy writing this blog to be concerned with petty things like getting to talk on-air at least once a year. Despite everything she does for them. It’s not a big deal.) Where was I before that tiny little aside? Right, what got this motley crew on this week’s episode.

We were planning on talking with AJ Vitaro, the designer of the Tantra Chair, which was designed to help improve the love life of couples around the world. Unfortunately, AJ was unable to join us, but he kindly took the time to write out his answers to questions we submitted. Enter our Reluctant Executive Producers to read AJ’s answers for us in all their informative — and sometimes surprising — glory.

You may be asking, “Wait, what is this, now?” The Tantra Chair is a divan, or chaise, designed to help you achieve various sexual positions, especially those from “the Kama Sutra,” with comfort and creativity. And it’s well-crafted enough that you could have it out in any room of the house as a piece of furniture. Whether you’d want your guests throwing their winter coats on your sex chair is up to you, of course. For all your questions about angles and ease of movement, check out the Tantra Chair website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But maybe don’t do that at work …

What can be said about the Tantra Chair? First off, as the Gershwin Brothers famously wrote, “You say tantra, and I say tahntra.” In other words, this marvel of upholstered engineering is for people from all walks of life, no matter how you pronounce the aforementioned t-word. Sure, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” was written for a 1937 movie, but the first two stanzas of the song apply to just the type of situation that calls for the Tantra Chair today. So, if you turn to your partner and say, “Things have come to a pretty pass / Our romance is growing flat,” there are two things to consider. 1) Your relationship might be in trouble because of the precious way you talk, and 2) you should check out the Tantra Chair promotional video to see if it could be of service.

AJ’s answers to our questions were thorough and informative, but each answer led to even more questions from Sandy and John. Happily, though, our main questions about design, logistics, proper use, hygiene, and celebrities were answered. Well, somewhat answered because AJ would never reveal which famous people have purchased a tantra chair. So, we’ll leave it to you to speculate wildly about which president has/had one. My vote is for Ford because he was always tripping over his feet. (At least the Chevy Chase version of him was.) Utilizing this chair for any presidential lovemaking would have been a safer, trip-free bet.

For AJ’s answers, channeled through Sandy and John, check out this week’s episode. We discovered how one gets into the “Kama Sutra”-based furniture business to begin with, how the Tantra Chair was/is received, and which member of Why? wants one for his or her living room. You’ll also learn a lot about what sex chairs should be made of for ease of cleaning, why Sting’s name always comes up when the word “tantric” is uttered, and what Usher has to do with all of this. While you do that, we’re off with Sandy to a bar called O’Malley’s, where we’ll plan our escape.

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