German Shepard Selling Miami Mansion

A mansion in Miami, Florida once owned by Madonna is up for sale by it’s current owner- a German Shepard named Gunther IV.

Gunther, who actually loves long walks on the beach, has owned the house since his owner, a German countess named Karlotta Leibenstein left it to his father when she died in 1992. Gunther is a trust fund dog, and when he’s not sleeping in Madonna’s former master bedroom, is taking a private jet to the Bahamas where he likes to dine at some of the country’s finest restaurants. He also has a private chef cook him breakfast and, according to TMZ, really likes caviar.

No word on Gunther’s new housing plans, but we’re sure he’ll get by- the house is estimated to be worth around $31 million, if you’re interested in placing an offer.

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