Lost Hiker Ignores Rescue Phone Calls, Assuming It’s Spam

You’ve probably already read this story by now, but what kind of a unique, memorable and strange podcast/website would we be if we didn’t post this story?

Look, it’s happened to us all- you head out somewhere, hoping to get lost, hoping to escape your everyday life and, just as soon as you think you can finally get some peace your Aunt Becky calls and all your zen runs out of you. Well, the same sort of thing happened to a hiker in Colorado.

This hiker got lost on Mount Elbert. For almost 24 hours. And when rescuers tried to call him to help get him to safety, he ignored the calls because he assumed they were spam. So, instead of getting rescued, he froze his ass off for almost 24 hours before he was saved.

Is there a moral to this story? Answer your phone whenever it rings? Make sure you set it on ‘do not disturb’ when you’re trying for some peace and quiet? Just assume this is how all of us will die- Darwinism run amok? We don’t know, so let us know if you figure something out. In the meantime, don’t call us, we’re meditating.

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