Gorillas Show They Like Sex Too, Public Goes Crazy

It may be hard to believe, but all animals have sex. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have smaller, more adorable versions of said animals. So, when two gorillas went to town on each other at the Bronx Zoo, you’d have thought they were reenacting the lyrics of a Prince song, not just pleasing each other.

“I was shocked and had no idea that was a ‘natural’ act,” the man who videotaped the encounter told The New York Post. So, what exactly did he film? He filmed one gorilla performing oral sex on the other. “I was in the gorilla exhibit with my 4-year-old daughter and niece,” the man said.

We’re not really sure why this is a big deal because of two reasons:

1- Gorillas have sex for pleasure.

2- This guy could have probably gotten a large amount of money from someone with a gorilla fetish on-line. (Come on, you know there’s at least one guy. There might even be two. And they could both not be German. But we doubt it.)

TMZ joined in the amazement that animals have carnal desires. (Why do they think they call them ‘carnal desires?’) Anyway, here’s the takeaway- animals have sex. They really should be charging you money if you want to watch. The end. Enjoy your weekend.

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