Don’t Worry, Beautiful People Will Still Be Having Sex in Olympic Village

One of the great things about the Oylmpics happening every 4 years is that it allows beautiful specimens of human beings from around the globe to come together, compete and, of course, have sex with each other.

The stories from what goes on when the Olympic torch gets turned down for the night are legendary, the home for the athletes supposedly turning into a gymnastic routine of a much different type. However, that part of the annual event came into question when officials from Tokyo 2020 said that the beds in Olympic Village were made of recycled materials and would be recycled again after the games. Oh, and the beds would only hold the weight of one person.

Of course, as soon as the athletes descended upon Tokyo, they put this news to the test. Members of the Irish gymnastic team posted videos on Twitter showing them jumping up and down on the bed, and demonstrating that, by God, the Olympic committee wouldn’t stop them from what they came to Tokyo to do.

The beds held up and, no doubt, multiple triple lindys are being performed right now in an Olympic village near you. Aren’t the games fun?

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