Huge Ass Goldfish Found in Minnesota

Do you remember that story growing up about the person who flushed their baby alligator down the toilet in New York and that’s why there are alligators living in the sewers? So do we. Is this article about that popular urban myth? No, it’s not.

Instead, this article is about huge ass goldfish. The town of Burnsville, MN posted a picture last week of a goldfish that was approximately the size of a football. What? Why? How?

Well, apparently, some people buy goldfish at the pet store for their kids and get tired of cleaning and feeding the little buggers, and drive them to a late and tell the kiddos that they are in goldfish heaven, or, we guess, goldfish purgatory if they did some particularly nasty stuff while here on earth.

But, dumping the fish into a pond or a lake isn’t a death sentence. In fact, as the photo from last week shows, it can be downright perfect. Yes, these domesticated fish are returning to nature and enjoying in. They just eat and eat. And grow bigger.

The town posted the article to remind people not to dump their fish in the ponds, but, we were wondering- does goldfish pair better with a white or red wine?

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