Finland No Longer Paints Reindeer Antlers

If, you’re like us, you have friends and family sending you all sorts of articles, trying to one-up you at the game of providing quality content to the website. Well, nice try, Grandma. That BBC article is a fake.

Let us explain. Last week, the BBC ran an article about the moose in Finland. Police there were reportedly painting the antlers of the majestic creatures with a reflective paint, which would allow drivers to see them better at night. Well, they aren’t doing that… Anymore.

The original article was published in 2014 and at that time, they were painting reindeer antlers. They were also hanging reflective sings around their necks and using portable traffic signs to keep the animals safe. However, at the end of the season, their research found that all of these attempts did not really have much an effect on lowering the amount of reindeer deaths. So they stopped. This revised version of the story was run by the good folks at Reuters who, we’re thrilled to report, spent some time researching reindeer deaths last week.

The article gained traction last week when an artist released a painting he did, inspired by the article.

What do we do with all of this information? We get to enjoy some cool art and, we have a really good idea of what Finish police were up to 7 years ago. So, there’s that.

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