Texas Man Sues Stripper

A Houston, Texas man is suing a stripper to get back his money and his Harry Potter DVDs.

Robert Wallace said he dated stripper Nomi, and loaned her $30,000 and his DVDs of the Harry Potter films. Nomi says they weren’t in a relationship, they were just friends and it wasn’t a loan, it was a gift. After they broke up on May 3rd, Robert asked for his money back. Nomi didn’t respond, so, Wallace said he was left with only one option.

Nomi says she doesn’t believe in loans, because “I don’t wanna pay anybody back. I’ve given him gifts too, I mean, how do I give my booty and boobs back?” Good question, Nomi. Good question.

Wallace says he’s given up on dating strippers. For her part, Nomi responds with an oft-quoted phrase at her job: “No refunds in the strip club.” And before you ask, Nomi says, “no, we don’t do layaway plans either!”

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