Don’t Post On-Line While Nude

While we don’t want to sound like Grandpa and Grandma No Fun, we want to offer this piece of advice to our readers: don’t post things on-line while you’re naked- unless that’s what you’re meaning to post. Please allow us to explain…

Meet Jenny Parrish. Jenny was on her honeymoon, having a lovely time, no doubt, when she decided to post a picture of the glass of wine she was drinking on Instagram. No biggie, right?

But the problem came when astute viewers noticed that you could see Jenny reflected in the wine glass. And she wasn’t wearing clothes.

“74 people saw my cooter,” said Jenny in a TikTok video, “That’s 74 people and my husband’s mom too many.” (Fun fact: Jenny’s husband is named Thor. Seriously.)

So, what can we, the commoners learn from Jenny’s story? It’s all fine and good to show people your cooter, but make sure that’s what you’re intending to do. Heaven forbid you post a picture of a really hard jigsaw puzzle you just finished and all people point out is that they can see your dong. (How ’bout a little, “wow, great job, Kevin?”)

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