Don’t Worry, the House Is Definitely Not Haunted

A house for sale in Massachusetts. This is not news. The ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard, though, has people thinking twice before putting in an offer. Above the listing agent’s name is the phrase ‘not haunted.’ And now, apparently, we have to ask why don’t all houses do this?

A brief survey (does scrolling on Twitter count as a survey?) has found various states have various laws about what the sellers actually need to disclose to potential buyers.

While we don’t have any hard-and-fast rules, apparently, you need to say if a home is haunted if you’re trying to sell in New Orleans. And you need to also disclose if it MIGHT be haunted. Might be haunted? Jesus take the wheel.

In the meantime, while we wander the hallways of open houses with a candle, our ghost hunter pal Ken (from episode 1 of Why?), enjoy the photos below, showcasing homes for sale that might, might not, or definitely be haunted.

(And in case you want to check what the law says, here’s an article from Zillow, breaking down every state’s standing on selling haunted property.)

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