Episode 22- Zodiac killer/DB Cooper ‘friend’ David Coutcher

What would you do if your life intertwined with one of the world’s most notorious serial killers and his accomplices? Would you tell anyone? Would you leave the country and change your identity? Would you write a book and tell the tale?

The latter is precisely what David Coutcher (aka David Gold) did, and what a tale it is. His book, My Dance with the Zodiac Killer, recounts a decades-long ‘friendship’ he had with the killer and his two accomplices.  

Through his memoir he explains that not only was this nefarious trio responsible for one of the most vexing unsolved murder mysteries of the 20th Century, they also escaped from Alcatraz and the ring leader was also the legendary D.B. Cooper. Oh, and the Black Dahlia murder? Chalk that one up to them too.

We were beyond intrigued to talk to David to find out why the Zodiac chose him to be the raconteur and how he managed to survive their many run-ins over the years. 

Through our conversation with David he shared in detail the many encounters he had with Frank Lee Morris and the Anglin brothers and how they allegedly pulled off each of their crimes. He explained that Frank seemed to exhibit a dual personality that dominated each meeting. As we listened to the stories during the interview, they were at times spine chilling, at times perplexing but always intriguing. Take, for example, the time when he saw the trio sitting in the stands at a wrestling match in Mexico donning Zodiac masks in the crowd. He unfolds the details of that meeting during our interview and it’s beyond belief.

We asked what it was like to live carrying this knowledge and his many brushes with death? We were curious how it affected his daily life? His answer was as expected, that it still haunts him to this day, yet he is compelled to tell the world the truth.

Throughout the interview he mentioned a number of additional names in the cast of characters that made up the fabric of the Zodiac, D.B. Cooper and Dahlia histories as they were told to David and subsequently put into the pages of his book. He shared that he has so much more to unveil and that the current book is likely the first in a series.

In addition to the book, he also has an extensive series of videos on his YouTube channel where he explains in-depth his memories. He has been challenged by naysayers frequently yet stands by his history vehemently.  Click here to see the videos for yourself.

Want to know how they allegedly got away with it? David delves into that too. Whether you believe he really knew the Zodiac or not, take a listen to this week’s episode before making your final judgement. Perhaps you’ll have a new perspective after you’re done.  One thing we can be sure of, you’re definitely going to sleep with one eye open for a little while.

One Reply to “Episode 22- Zodiac killer/DB Cooper ‘friend’ David Coutcher”

  1. Olga Dinis

    i have followed david for a few years now and i find this very interesting. you cant deny david knew these people.. read the book its great. everything adds up

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