Dog Given to Shelter Because It’s… Gay?

We’ve all been there- that moment when something that seemed like a good idea and then you realize it most definitely was not. We would put vacation tours to look at snakes, costume parties and log flume rides as ideas that we were really excited for until we were most definitely not. Returning an animal because it might be gay? Not one of those reasons, if you ask us.

A animal shelter in North Carolina says they had a dog named Fezco dropped off because its former owner said the dog was gay. Apparently the person saw their dog humping another male dog and freaked out because as you know, gay animals are… icky, we guess?

We have a few questions. Is that the only thing that made the person think their dog was gay? Did they know that humping is also a sign of dominance and not a sexual thing and animals will hump anything? Were there any other signs? Did the dog really like Judy Garland and rainbow flags?

If he could talk, we’re pretty sure that Fezco would say, “look, just because I hump your living room furniture doesn’t mean I have a wicker fetish… I’m a dog.”

All animals are different and not every pet you have may not be totally hetero, butch and really like the Allman Brothers. In a sentence we, once again, can’t believe we have to write, it’s okay to have a gay animal. That doesn’t reflect on your sexuality as its owner. All any animal wants is to be loved, dumb ass.

Wherever you live, go adopt an animal today and don’t ask about its sexuality. It makes you look trashy.


Fezco has been adopted by North Carolina resident Steve Nichols and his long-time partner John. He will be joining the family, who already have a Terrier-Chihuahua mix named Harry

And to make a clean break from his past family, Steve and John have re-named Fezco. He will now be called Oscar. As in Wilde. Suck it, homophobes.

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