Officials Plead, Don’t Let Moose Lick Your Car

While it might sound like a popular new kids book, “Don’t let the moose lick your car,” is actually what Canadian officials are pleading with people in the town of Jasper.

Why are the moose looking to lick your car? Well, moose are obsessed with salt- they put it on everything. And while they usually get the stuff from drinking out of lakes, but they’ve found that they can also get it from licking off cars that have had snow on them. If they get too used to walking up to cars and starting to lick, one, it makes introductions afterward awkward, but it also gets the animals used to being around humans and their vehicles. Do we even need to mention that moose and cars don’t really mix well?

There are a few things we can learn from this story- first off, if you’re invited to a holiday party this year with lots of moose attending, make sure to bring pretzels. And, secondly, if you’re in Canada, don’t let the moose lick your car.

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