Episode 99- Professional Mini Golf

“If you’re having golfing problems I feel bad for you, hon. I got 99 episodes, and this mini golf’s one.” Or, if that doesn’t work for you we could try “99 red golf balls, floating in the course’s moat…” How about “Two-thousand-zero-zero strokes over, oops out of time. So tonight I’m going to tune in to our episode 99.”

What we’re trying to say is this episode is very special because we are one away from 100. It’s also special because we have not one, but two guests talking about the intricacies of professional mini golf. Also, we don’t have any music references that are post 2003. I mean, BTS could have an amazing song all about mini golf that references “99” in the chorus. But we’ve missed that opportunity because we’re stuck in the past. (“Hey, man, is that Freedom Rock?” “Yeah, man!” “Well, turn it up, man!”)

Before we get to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, we have some exciting news. On September 1, we’re kicking off a monthly newsletter, where you can get extra content, contests, links to discounts for some of the items you learn all about on our podcast (sorry – Abraham Lincoln’s hair is not for sale), and the knowledge gained that you are superior to all others because you’re in the know. All we need is your email – we promise it won’t be shared with anyone else and you won’t be sucked into a multi-level marketing scheme. You can sign up for this fabulous newsletter right here on our website – we know you’ve seen our blurb on the site already, so succumb to peer pressure and sign up!

This week, we talked with Kyle Cutshaw, the owner and general manager of the Mossy Creek Mini Golf course in Jefferson City, Tennessee. We also chatted with Danny Baddeley, a professional mini golfer. Needless to say, we are now primed and ready to hit the links, calculate our swings, and definitely not throw down our putters and/or visors in a putt-putt rage. 

First and foremost, we learned of the existence of the USPMGA (US ProMiniGolf Association). They have their own US Open and Master’s tournaments, as well as tournaments around the world. But before a professional mini golf player can get to one of those, they have to practice, practice, practice. And one of the places to do that is at Kyle’s course, which is holding the Tennessee State Open on August 29th.

Upon learning about the camaraderie, the travel, and the cash prizes that make up being a professional mini golfer, we were ready to sign up. (Well, maybe not Heidi. See the aforementioned putt-putt rage.) Kyle reminded us, however, that mini golf is about community and having a place where people of all ages and abilities can have fun doing an activity together. Where it’s fun to cheer on the players of a professional mini golf tournament, but just as fun to cheer for the kid who makes a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Because this is a public blog, we have to say that cheering for kids is more important than making money.

Listen to the episode to discover how professional mini golfers train for tournaments, whether windmills are a part of professional courses, and how Kyle helped Heidi realize that she may able to stand on a mini golf course again one day.

One of the talented mini golfers participating in the Tennessee State Open is Danny Baddeley. He filled us in on what it takes to become a professional golfer, what superstitions may be involved, and why it’s always important to have a spare putter in the car while participating in a tournament. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between mini golf and putt-putt golf? We put that question to Danny, along with many more about how to get really good at the game, how mini golf might be different in other parts of the world, and why it’s better to play on a course that doesn’t have brand-new carpet.

We wish Danny all the best on the 29th. And with his newly named putter, we believe he’s guaranteed a win! For more about Kyle and Danny, as well as the U.S. Putting Tour, check them out on Twitter. Mossy Creek Mini Golf is on Facebook and Instagram, and the USPMGA is on Facebook as well. And when we’re able to go outside in groups again, find your local mini golf course and see whether you have what it takes. Or stay on the observation deck and either watch the professionals at work or Heidi throw down her putter in a fit of anger. Between you and us, we don’t think she’s over her putt-putt issues yet.

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