• Episode 245- Taxidermist Jeff Holmin

    Jeff Holmin started in taxidermy right out of high school and he hasn’t looked back. He doesn’t need to because he’s one of the busiest out there. Jeff has won […]

  • Episode 244- Fertility Technology

    We last spoke with Donna J Drucker about her book on the history of contraception and now her new book tackles the history of fertility and it is equally fascinating.  […]

  • Episode 243- The National Mustard Museum

    Let’s be honest- most museums don’t cut the… well, you get the joke. And the 1986 Red Sox team is the origin story for Barry Levinson, the founder of the […]

  • Episode 242- Muzzins

    How does one describe the music of Muzzins? They describe themselves as a ‘psychedelic party band,’ which is as good as an explanation as any. What we love about Muzzins […]

  • Episode 241- Musician Tammy Glover on her musical “Wendy, My Darling”

    Tammy Glover has successful careers in multiple fields, so, it’s not surprising she decided to tackle the musical genre. But, Tammy approached it differently, finding a way to put a […]

  • Episode 240- Clone-a-Willy

    Sure, sex toys are fun, but what if they were a little more… personal? That’s where Clone-a-Willy comes in. As the in-home penis molding kit experts, you can make your […]

  • Episode 239- The World Toe Wrestling Federation

    Everyone can be a champion. The key is finding the right thing that you excel at. Maybe it’s toe wrestling? We talked with Ben “Toe-tal Destruction” Woodroffe, the reigning champion […]

  • Episode 238- Private Investigator Orlando Wilson

    Orlando Wilson has the job that you’ve probably dreamed about doing- and, believe it or not, it’s not all glamor. Orlando is a private investigator, helping people try to find […]

  • Episode 237 The Museum of Classic Sci-fi

    Neil Cole has turned a life-long love of science fiction into something that everyone can enjoy. The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi features props, costumes and artwork from Doctor Who, the […]

  • Episode 236- Human Fountains

    If you’re an America’s Got Talent viewer, you’ve seen this week’s guest in action. The Human Fountains are something to see- an act that completely lives up to their name. […]

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