Episode #218 — Naked Yoga

We think it’s safe to say that fish aren’t generally considered the sexiest creatures out there. Nobody is stretching out by the fire on a fish-skin rug. (“Come join me on the walleye, baby.”) People aren’t putting on their sassiest trout-print dress before they hit the club. Tinder dates aren’t taking their hookups back to their rooms to canoodle beneath a fish-themed blanket. (“My panther throw is at the cleaners, so the choice is yours: suckermouth catfish or giant oarfish. If you know what I mean.”) Sure, Troy McClure from “The Simpsons” had a fish fetish — we miss you so much, Phil Hartman — but generally speaking, fish are fish. You try to catch them in the water, you cook them, then you eat them and improve your eyesight.

All that being said, we’re wondering if sex toys were used to cheat at a fishing competition. Has that sentence ever been typed in the history of the written word? We discuss all that and more at the beginning of this week’s episode. Never say we aren’t here to help you get your daily allotment of omega-3s … and intrigue!

If, after learning about scandal in the world of fishing, you’re left without a fun fall activity, have no fear. We have all sorts of suggestions for you. There’s gazing out your window, trying to hold out against raking the leaves in your yard. Yes, your neighbors will probably judge you and make all sorts of snide comments as they walk their designer dogs past your property. No amount of signage about leaves being biodegradable will change their minds, so you’ll have to be okay with being known as “that house.” Or, if you can get around the giant pile of wet, bug-filled leaves in front of your garage, you could visit a local orchard and go apple picking, drink cider, and down jugs full of cider.

Not everyone is down with the Christian Girl Autumn way of approaching October, which we understand. The pumpkin-spiced world isn’t for everyone. But this week’s guest talked with us about an activity we believe all people can embrace this fall (especially if the season stays on the warmer side and you want to practice it outside). Doria teaches yoga at her own studio in London, along with private sessions at other locations and online classes. But this isn’t just any yoga — she teaches naked yoga.

Naked yoga makes perfect sense, if you think about it. And if you have your doubts, you might be convinced after listening to Doria’s point of view. To say she’s overcome some obstacles is a major understatement, but those obstacles are what helped lead her to yoga in the first place. As for how she took that next step toward naked yoga, it started — as many great stories do — with a trip to Burning Man, a spontaneous moment, and a revelation. (It’s too good for us to spoil here — you need it in Doria’s own words.) From that fateful trip, her naked yoga philosophy and classes took off. There’s definitely a customer base for it, and the more we learned about what her sessions entail, the more we understand yoga in the buff is a body-positive, self-affirming activity.

As you can imagine, first-time practitioners can be a little hesitant. Doria explained how quickly that nervousness disappears, how she conducts her classes, and what the practice of naked yoga has done for her and others. Plus, she’s just a riot to talk to! If, after listening to this week’s episode, you want to know more, check out Doria’s website to book an in-person or online class. Might we suggest a week-long naked yoga retreat in the islands of Seychelles or Maldives? You definitely won’t have to worry about what the neighbors think about your unraked leaves there!

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