Why? Joins The Love Pod

If hearing Luke and Heidi talk to some of the greatest musicians, astronauts and nudists ever wasn’t enough and you wanted more Why? in your life, well, this is your luck week, Slappy.

This week, they turned down the music, put on pants and sat down with the hosts of the popular podcast The Love Pod. Hosts Dina and Brian led them and, really, all of us, through the ins and outs of the popular dating, (sorry, ‘journey to find love,’) show The Bachelorette.

This season features Claire Crawley, who is, *checks notes*, ALMOST 40, and who still thinks she deserves a chance at love.

While Covid-19 has made a mess of all of our lives, the men of the show have had it particularly rough, having to stay in a world-class resort for several weeks before getting to take their shirts off and make out in breath-taking surroundings. How did they handle the stress?

Did they think Claire found love? Was Yosef there for the right reasons? Did Dale ever work as a Derek Jeter impersonator? They discuss it all.

They were able also to share their expertise on several topics that come up every season on the show, over what it’s like to be a contestant, (see Why? Episode 13 with romance cover model and former contestant Michael Wayne Foster,) or what the behind-the-scenes machinations are when it comes to blurring folks during a game of strip volleyball, (see Why? Episode 83 with professional blurrer for Naked & Afraid, Erin T. Gavin), or why doing things naked is fun, (see Episode 85 with Naked Skydiver Jeff Dawson). And while it’s hard to claim that listening to the podcast is helpful in your everyday life, we were frankly surprised at how many different episodes they were able to reference in conversation.

Check out the episode above, listen to other episodes of The Love Pod, tell Dina and Brian you know that they’re there for the right reasons and that you’re so glad they’re all in on love.

One Reply to “Why? Joins The Love Pod”

  1. Dina

    Listen if I’m not your #1 fan I’m sure in the top 5. Who wouldn’t want to talk about nudity, animals and models all the time?

    Thanks for joining us on the most dramatic episode of The LovePod in the history of Love and pods.

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