Episode 79- Music Legend Cherry Vanilla

So, if you ever want to see Heidi turn into a complete fan girl, then score an interview with the legendary Cherry Vanilla. The legendary Rockstar, groupie, PR maven and author sat down to talk with us and share a glimpse into her incredible life so far. To say her story is fascinating is beyond an understatement. She has been immersed and at the forefront of some of the most iconic moments in rock history.

Don’t believe us? Let us drop a few details for you, and might we add, these are just a smidge of the highlights. Let’s see…. She starred in Andy Warhol’s Pork, she was one of the original staff of Main Man records and was the PR person who launched David Bowie’s arrival in the US. Yep, she’s that legendary public relations pro. She’s a Rockstar in her own right. Her backup band included a couple of lads named Gordon Sumner and Stewart Copeland aka two thirds of The Police. And again, this is just the tip of her incredible life. Her book Lick Me chronicles these and a slew of other icons and friends she worked with, slept with, partied with and sparked creative genius with over the first few decades of her life. It’s a page turner that Heidi and Luke devoured prior to their chat with her.

Our conversation with Cherry was so fantastic. She was open, effervescent, free-spirited, humble, insightful and all-around just someone you’d want to spend hours talking to. Whether you’re a super fan like we are, or even if you’re one of the rare people out there who don’t have a deep love for amazing music and what it does for the world, we have no doubt you will love our conversation. Cherry’s philosophy on life from a young age led her to unforgettable experiences. She lives life to the fullest in everything she does, and her spirit exudes this with every word she shares. In speaking of Bowie and the many other superstars in her wake, you can hear the true love she had for each of them as people beyond the magic and mystery. We feel so fortunate to have been given the privilege to learn even just a smattering of these details.

Cherry’s life is a bit different now, but still just as fabulous. In recent years she’s worked with the brilliant composer and musician Vangelis. The composer’s body of work includes Chariots of Fire, Bladerunner and many more.  She’s still a great lover of music and what it does for the soul. She even shared some of her more recent favorites that she’s added to her playlists including Rahman Altin’s gorgeous soundtrack from the film Her and her dear friend Van Dyke Parks’ recent version of Across the Borderline with Gaby Moreno and Jackson Brown.

Can’t get enough of Cherry like us? We strongly encourage you to get a copy of her book. The audiobook version is read by Cherry herself. You can order it here.

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