Episode 42- Erotic Disney with Blu Carson

They call it the Happiest Place on Earth for a reason, right? Is that reason just for the fantasies and delight of children or can that excitement fester and grow into a full-blown very adult fantasy years down the road? We think so and based on the success of author Blu Carson’s erotic Disney fiction, she clearly knows it too.

We met Blu through our mutual friend author/publisher Leonard Kinsey (if you haven’t heard our interview with Leonard yet, you need to check out Episode 24- The Dark Side of Disney).  Leonard published Blu’s best-selling book Dark Rides. The book is sure to make you blush like Snow White, feel as full of prowess as Gaston and as ready to take a magic carpet ride as Aladdin and Jasmine.

Before we get into the details of what that all looks like, we need to give you a slight technical warning. This episode may sound like two different conversations are happening at once and the truth of the matter is, they are. Due to some technical difficulties Heidi and Luke had to record their interviews with Blu on two separate occasions. Neither of them wanted to relinquish their chance to talk to her, so consequently, it may be bit hodge podge in the seamlessness of it. Bear with us though, it’s a really good interview and completely worth the slight mania.

Blu’s book became a huge hit when it was released with both men and women devouring every page whether written or through the audio version. She shares tales and fantasies of sexual escapades within the park that are sure to make you sweat in a whole new way, next time you’re in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. She remains coy on how many of these stories are pure fantasy and how many stemmed from real life experiences she’s had in the Magic Kingdom and beyond. She’s adamant to clarify that in no way does she condone any behavior that could be traumatizing to families or disruptive to anyone else’s time at Disney World.

Her fan base became so rabid and hungry for more that she actually had to go dark from social media for a while to let them simmer down. And what does her family think of her writing these sort of bodice ripper stories sure to get every princess’ tiara on tilt? Well, as most of us would, she warned her dad in advance and presented him with a heavily redacted version to read. You’ll have to listen in to see what he thought.

Blu was a blast to talk to. She’s open, forthright and clearly passionate! We asked her what was next on the horizon and she shared that there are definitely some ideas mulling around in her head for another trip full of thrills to rival the drops of the Tower of Terror and that legendary explosive start from the good old Rockin’ Roller Coaster.

We suggest you pick up a copy of Dark Rides here. It’ll be a Fast Pass to fun like no other.

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