Episode 41- Zombie Research with The Zombie Research Society

Whether we admit it or not, we all are worrying about an onslaught of zombies in the future.  When will it happen? What will they really be like? How will we stop them?

Fortunately, The Zombie Research Society (ZRS) is here to help us with all our Zombie Apocalypse quandaries. The organization offers part pop culture references, part real scientific research and everything zombie in-between. We had a chat with Cameron Carlson to find out what we need to do to be prepared and how likely it is that the zombies are coming in this lifetime.

When we say they focus on actual scientific evidence, it’s true. In fact, there are doctors, scientists, academics and survivalists contributing to the site and speaking at events such as the International Theorizing Zombiism Conference.  Yes, there is a full-on real conference with attendees converging from around the world to evaluate and philosophize on what could be coming and when. The society is built on three key foundational principles.

1. A zombie is defined as a relentlessly aggressive human, or reanimated human corpse, driven by a biological infection.

2. Enthusiastic debate regarding the historic, scientific, and cultural study of zombies is essential to the survival of the human race.

3. The zombie pandemic is inevitable, and survival of the human race is crucial. It’s simply a matter of when; so be prepared.

We asked how likely it is that we’ll see a zombie takeover in our lifetimes and what we need to do to and be prepared for in order to fight and survive. Cameron gave us some great tips and even shared recommendations on what are the must-read guides for survival. Interestingly, The Zombie Survival Guide is actually a really good one to have in your arsenal.

He shared with us some comforting words in that should and when this ever actually happens, it’s not likely to be some sort of overnight situation like we see in the movies. Should a disease mutate and cause zombies, it will actually have a relatively lengthy incubation period and would give us time to get our weapons ready and survival kits. He also explained that in the event of a major zombie event communication would not likely be taken out. So, you will be able to still message your loved ones and work out a plan of attack. Trying to figure out where your family should go when the undead come? Never fear, the ZRS even have an analysis of the 10 Safest Countries in a Zombie Apocalypse. Does your homeland rank? You’ll have to listen to the interview or visit the site to find out.

We have to admit, both Heidi and Luke were thoroughly impressed with Cameron and his information. Everything in our conversation seemed extremely logical and as we said, both comforting and terrifying all at once.

It’s not all fear and learning to wield weaponry though, The Zombie Research Society also dedicates a lot of time and fun to the best in Pop Culture zombies. There are rankings of the best zombie films of all time and analyses of everything from The Walking Dead to Dawn of the Dead and everything in-between.

Whether you’re a disaster prepper, a horror fan, a naysayer or a head-in-the-sand kind of person we think you’ll be intrigued and entertained by our interview with Cameron. Have a listen and make up your own mind on if you think the zombies are on their way. For more information or to become a part of the Zombie Research Society visit: zombieresearchsociety.com.

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