Episode 37- Loch Ness Monster Spotter Gary Campbell

There’s something in the water. What it is no one can be sure, but there is definitely something in the water. The fascination with the mythical Loch Ness Monster is one that has perplexed locals, tourists and scientists for well over a century.

Countless sightings have been reported and documented, and more than a few hoaxes have been staged yet still we have no definitive answer on if the legendary Nessie is real or not.

Why? had the chance to chat with Gary Campbell. Gary is responsible for cataloging and documenting all reported sightings for the Loch Ness Monster Sightings Registry. Are there really so many that they need their own registry? Indeed, there are.

Gary was compelled to take on the role after his own experiences spotting the elusive creature out in the water and he’s been doing it ever since. He shared with us his own thoughts on what he thinks the monster may be as well as hinted to the fact that there may be some new scientific evidence to share in the near future. He talked with us about the record number of sightings that have happened in the past couple years and even gave us the scoop on some other nearby lakes that may also have some monsters of their own.

One thing was for certain during our chat with him, the creature is definitely still a mysterious tale and one that captivates travelers from across the globe year after year. But why is this the case? Is it simply the folklore or is there something else potentially lurking to solve questions from eras long gone? No one really knows the answers to that either.

At the time of writing this blog, the Loch Ness Registry site has a recorded 1127 sightings to date. Pictures and descriptions are documented throughout the site giving visitors the opportunity to form their own opinions and estimations of what or who Nessie is. Gary is responsible for preserving each of those sightings for all to see and read up on.

Gary was a wealth of information and anecdotes and the longer we talked with him the more intrigued we became. If you haven’t visited Scotland, we’re pretty sure it’s going to climb up your list of destinations after listening to Gary’s tales. Even if staring off into the mist looking for a giant fish or dinosaur or figment of your imagination doesn’t sound like a dream come true, we’re pretty sure you’ll at least want to see the place.

Plus, if nothing else, you will love this episode just for the fact that you get to listen to him speak. All you fans of Luke’s voice (yes, Heidi’s mother we’re talking to you), you haven’t lived until you’ve listened to his lovely Scottish brogue. Have a listen, make your own judgement on the monster and let us know if you’ve ever had a sighting of a mythical creature of your own be it a leprechaun, Sasquatch, Flash or a unicorn.

4 Replies to “Episode 37- Loch Ness Monster Spotter Gary Campbell”

  1. Yuri Gabrilovich

    Hello Gary No longer live in the UK but still interested in the legend Interested to know your views on the latest news ie DNA ,.possibly a giant eel Thanks

    • Luke Poling

      While we can’t speak for Gary, when we talked, he was very open and welcoming to the idea of figuring out what exactly is lurking beneath the surface of the Loch. Thanks for listening!

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