Episode 33- Medium Connie Smock

Do you believe in psychic abilities? Can someone deliver a message to the living from the dead and predict happenings that may lie ahead? Whether you do or not, the practice of mediumship has been going on for centuries with people all over the world striving for messages from beyond.

For the record, Heidi is a believer and Luke isn’t (no shock there) but they both thoroughly enjoyed talking to Medium Connie Smock of Michigan Medium Angels. We think you’ll love her too.

Let’s face it, even if you think it’s all a bunch of hocus pocus, dedicating your life to talking to dead people is a pretty fascinating career choice.

Connie was warm, compassionate and completely understands that not everyone is really buying what she’s selling. She explained to us that her gifts have been with her for her entire life. In fact, her mother was an intuitive herself. She also shared with us how her talents actually proved to be quite useful in an earlier job choice. She was a private investigator (there’s probably a whole additional episode on that alone!)

She told Heidi and Luke a number of great anecdotes from working with clients as well as reassured them that Great Great Grandmother Harriet isn’t watching them pee or get it on. So, you can keep up that secret nose picking habit, your dead relatives aren’t judging you or going to expose you when you go to visit a medium of your own. 

Heidi shared how she actually went to see Connie prior to her interview with us along with our Reluctant Executive Producer Sandy Stone. They had heard positive things about her but wanted to make sure she was legit and had a good spirit (no pun intended).  We know you are probably amazed to read this, but yes, we do in fact do some hardcore research on our guests.

The experience with Connie was a very good one for Sandy and Heidi. Although they both had relatives who were extremely active and had a lot they were trying to say, which made it complicated. Heidi attested on the show with Connie that there were things she brought up that the greatest of all social media spying, googling and even bribing close friends would not have given Connie that intel. It was wicked cool and pretty crazy.

During our interview Connie explained that a lot of what she experiences when she connects with spirits actually gives her a physical reaction from a headache to weakness, often ailments that afflicted the person when they were alive will manifest into temporary symptoms in Connie. This again led us to ask, why would you do this if it hurts? Her response was that the reward is so great in helping people that it makes it worth it.

We, of course, tried to get lottery scores and who was gonna win the pennant, but she wouldn’t spill. She did, however, tell us that Why? was on the way to big things. You heard it here first.

Although we didn’t ask her to do a reading during the interview, she did offer to come back at a later time to do mini-readings with listeners on the show. What do you think? Anyone interested? DM us on Social Media or e-mail us at the podcastwhy@gmail.com and we will enter you to win a spot on our upcoming on-air reading.

In the meantime, have a listen to Connie. If you don’t have something you want from the dead, she’s also got some great advice on positive thinking and manifesting great things from the universe. You be the judge, but even Luke is buying into Why? achieving the ultimate in podcast glory.

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