Episode 31- The Kennedy Assassination with Mark Shaw

Dorothy Kilgallen is probably best known for her recurring panelist role on the classic game show What’s My Line?  However, she was much much more. She was also a well-respected journalist who surrounded herself with the likes of Lenny Bruce and Frank Sinatra, with whom she later had a heated feud. And, she may have been murdered for knowing far too much about the truth behind the Kennedy Assassination.

Mark Shaw is a former legal analyst for CNN, ABC and other major news outlets turned author. He has written a number of books on the Kennedy Assassination including four that dive deep into Dorothy and what may have led to her untimely death beyond the reported accidental overdose.

Kennedy’s death is still one of the most debated stories of all time. To many, the time old tale of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Book Depository still doesn’t add up. There have been countless hypotheses of what really happened and some 50 plus years later people worldwide are still trying to solve what they feel is the greatest unsolved mystery.

Shaw never planned on engaging in the debate or exploring his own ideas of what actually went down and why our 35th president’s life was cut short so abruptly and tragically, but something drew him to it. Consequently, he has dedicated years of work and passion to uncovering the truth. He has done extensive research and explored in-depth a multitude of ideas and thoughts on who was actually behind the death and why.

Throughout his years of writing, Shaw found himself drawn and compelled to dive deeper into the life of Dorothy and what she may have known. This strong pull, perhaps from the spirit of Dorothy herself, evolved into four books on the topic including The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, soon to be a major motion picture.

We spoke to Mark to learn more about what drew him to commit his talents to these famed deaths and what he believes is the truth. His information is riveting and frankly, makes a whole lot of sense. The pieces just seem to fit. We were captivated by his every word and couldn’t wait to learn more.

His expertise has led him to countless notable players, sex, conspiracy, the mob, the government, a doozie of a control-freak, power-hungry father and, of course, the reporter who may have uncovered the details the led to her demise. As with all great true crime stories the desire to peel back the layers of intrigue get even more devour-worthy. We found ourselves anxious to start reading the books and learning more. Shaw was wonderful to talk to sharing his experiences and findings openly and fully. Have a listen for yourself and come to your own conclusions. We want to know if you think he’s onto something. Mark’s books can be found at markshawbooks.com.  In addition to the Kennedy Assassination, he has written numerous other books focusing on historical and public figures. He is committed to bringing true stories to light. Get ready for some super-intriguing summer reading.

To hear Mark’s theory on how they finally got Dorothy, check out this outtake from our interview with him.

And to watch several talks on his research, check out these YouTube videos, where you can learn even more

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