Episode 21- Cuddler Madelon Guinazzo

So last week we took you on a sexual adventure. This week, for the afterglow we’re afraid we can’t offer you a cigarette. We can, however, offer you something much better. A very nice cuddle. And not just any cuddle, a professional cuddle. Yes, this week we’re getting cozy with Madelon Guinazzo, co-founder of Cuddlist. Cuddlist is an online community and training program for professional therapeutic cuddlers and the people
who call on their services. The business of professional cuddling is taking off and is quickly becoming one of the most desired services in the world of self-care. It’s known to be an incredible source of relaxation, positive vibes and tapping into the power of non-sexual touch. Cuddlist has been featured in countless news sources such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Glamour, Quartz and many more. We were excited to get our crack at learning all things cuddly and Madelon didn’t disappoint.

The first order of business, of course, was to find out what exactly does one do to wind down after a long day of cuddling. Then it was on to how exactly does one pursue not only a career as a professional cuddler, but also becoming one of the architects of a great resource like Cuddlist?
We talked all details of what it’s like to curl up for 90 minutes with someone you’ve never met before and how to make sure everyone involved is always comfortable both physically and emotionally. We dove into spoon position preference and how to dodge the always terrifying pins and needles when your arm starts to fall asleep. She explained why more and more people are looking to professional cuddlers and who typically uses cuddling services. No, it’s not just people who don’t have anyone at home to
snuggle with. It truly is a service for people from all walks of life and relationship circumstances. Calling in a pro has nothing to do with the tactile attention a participant has in their day-to-day life.

Madelon also talked about the career opportunities for someone interested in becoming a professional cuddler. Cuddlist works with professional cuddlers across the country and with a variety of interests and personality traits. Finding the right cuddler is important and Cuddlist offers bios on each of their pros for customer perusal before booking a session.

The positive results that come from cuddle sessions are known to lead to long-term benefits and well-being. We’re pretty sure once you listen to our talk with Madelon you’ll be convinced to try it at least once, what can it hurt? A little nestle would be nice. Of course, in exceptional guest fashion, she even turned the tables on Heidi and Luke to find out what their personal cuddling styles are. Based on their answers, one of them clearly has issues and neither of them should ever pursue professional cuddling as a profession. It’ a good thing they’re so good at this podcasting thing (ok, we know that’s up for debate too but trust us on this one).

So, get snug as a bug in a rug and enjoy the show!

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