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  • Episode #174 — Santa

    We strongly suspect that our long-time listeners (and first-time callers) aren’t the kinds of people who have their radios, satellite or otherwise, set to the 24-hour Christmas music station. At […]

  • Camel Beauty Contest Marred By Botox Claims

    In even more proof that we can’t have nice things, a camel beauty contest being held in Dubai has been marred by allegations that breeders had injected their camel’s heads […]

  • Head Out on Ron Schneider’s Wild Ride

    If listening to our interview with Ron Schneider didn’t already make you want to chuck it all and head for the nearest theme park, either a) you weren’t listening closely […]

  • Episode #173 — Author- “Swing,” Ashleigh Renard

    Let’s be honest, it’s hard to focus on much else after the made-for-Netflix Christmas movie Heidi and one of our illustrious producers watched this weekend. We’re not going to disparage […]

  • 60 People Trapped For 3 Days with Oasis Cover Band

    This is either a dream or a nightmare situation- there’s no middle ground. Over 60 people were trapped in a pub in Yorkshire, England after a snow storm made travel […]

  • Episode #172 — NASCAR Pit Crew Coaches Mike Metcalf and Shaun Peet

    You did it! You made it through Thanksgiving and those weird, made-up holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (We fully support Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, though.) You’ve sopped […]

  • Episode #171 — Idaho Potato Museum

    We don’t want to date ourselves, but we remember where we were in the early 90s when Vice President Dan Quayle was taken down by a potato. If you don’t […]

  • German Shepard Selling Miami Mansion

    A mansion in Miami, Florida once owned by Madonna is up for sale by it’s current owner- a German Shepard named Gunther IV. Gunther, who actually loves long walks on […]

  • 105 Year-Old Sets Running Record

    If you happen to run into Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins at a bar and she offers you to race- do not take her up on it. Especially if money is on […]

  • Episode #170- Women’s Golf Champion Avis Brown-Riley

    You may not believe it, but life at the Why? World Headquarters (located in the heart of downtown on the second floor of the Professional Building) isn’t all sunshine and […]

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