Episode #221- Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics

In movies what happens when a CEO or a head of state is in their car and trapped by the bad guys? The person usually turns to the driver and says, “get me out of here.”

But, how does someone learn how to do that? How do you learn to drive in a way that keeps your passenger and bystanders safe? Enter Vehicle Dynamics. They offer driving courses for security professionals, designed to help them get out of sticky situations. (They also offer courses for the general public too.)

We talked with Joe Autera, the president and CEO of Vehicle Dynamics, about how he applied his real-life security and military experience to make the company what it is today.

For more information, check out their website and sign up for a course– maybe we’ll see you on the track!

Plus, Heidi’s mom comes to visit and talk about marble.

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