Happy National Nude Day!

Is it already that time of year again? Yup, it’s July 14th, which can only mean one thing- it’s National Nude Day. Best wishes for all those who celebrate.

What better time than to highlight some of the episodes of the podcast that celebrate the joys of hanging out naked.

One thing a lot of our naked guests point out is that it’s not all about sex; it’s about shedding the weight (both physical and metaphorical) of clothes. That’s something that has come up time and again; the joy of the sun on your skin, and the wind in your hair. Here’s our conversation with Harry Levy, a nude beach enthusiast.

The joy of being naked while flying through the sky sounds like a terrifying idea, but for Jeff Dawson, it’s an indescribable thrill. Jeff loves skydiving naked. And he says everyone should give it a shot.

If you’re not ready to jump out of a plane just yet, maybe you need some help. Why not check out Matthew McDermott’s book How to Take Off Your Clothes? We talked with Matthew about his book and why he came to write it. And the long and the short of it is; if you want to take off your clothes, you most definitely should.

Matthew also has a blog all about nudism, and you can also order his book from him. You should check it out.

If you want some adventure with your nudity, we have the perfect guest for you. Samantha Cline was a contestant on the popular show Naked and Afraid. And, according to Samantha, it was far easier being naked than afraid.

Maybe you want to leave the nudity to the professionals. That makes sense. Like they say, ‘those who can, should.’ Here’s two great conversations, one with Callista Womick, a nude art model, who talks about how she got into the profession and how much she enjoys the collaboration with a wide variety of artists.

If hearing Callista’s story makes you curious, there is a happy medium. We’re talking about body painting; the art where you’re naked, but not really. We talked with Brianna Clarke, body painter extraordinaire, about her work, her development and which body part is the hardest to paint. (Hint: it’s not the one you’re thinking… promise.)

People may not think of strippers as being really funny and a great conversationalist, but it’s true, some of them are. At least, that’s what we found talking with Gurl Haggard. You can’t have a sense of humor if you take your clothes off under the name Gurl Haggard. I mean, come on.

And finally, one of our first episodes remains one of our favorites; our conversation with Mark Roberts, the world’s greatest streaker. It was great to hear Mark’s approach to life and why he does his unique hobby.

So there you have it, some of our favorite friends who love being naked. Why not join them this weekend?

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