UK Man Texts with Ghosts

A couple visit a reportedly haunted site, after which, the boyfriend starts getting strange texts… it has to be a ghost, right?

In what seems like an incredibly complicated way to admit you have a secret profile on OK Cupid and are looking for the relationship exit doors, a man in York claims he’s getting texted by ghosts.

The whole thing started when the man took a picture of a ‘creepy corridor in a pub’ that led to the bathrooms. He sent it to his girlfriend. A few hours later, both of them got strange texts. The first text asked the couple to call back later. The second text simply said, “we are inv 4n 2 z 4nb.”

Unsure of what this meant, the man wisely took to the internet where the truth resides with nothing else, and found that it was “an equation created by German scientist Armand Hückel. The Hückel formula (using 4n+2) is a calculation of molecular orbitals on electron systems”

Maybe this is a boring ghost. Maybe we as a society are going pandemic crazy. Maybe this couple is looking to spice up their life. Who knows? But ghosts? We’re doubtful.

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