Apparently, You Can’t Just Walk Around Dressed As Michael Myers

A Galveston, Texas lawyer is now paying the price for enjoying a walk around his neighborhood.

Mark Metzger III was arrested by police after strolling down the beach dressed as Halloween legend Michael Myers. Oh, and he was also carrying what looked like a bloody knife. It was only after police handcuffed him did they find out that the knife and the blood were fake.

Metzger said he was trying to brighten people’s day, especially as the city underwent a beating by a tropical storm. He said people found it funny, with even the beach patrol playing the infamous Halloween theme music as they closed in on him.

“Bring positive vibes to the gloom and doom out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor is 100% what I’m about,” he wrote. “It’s all I’ve been about my entire life. My methods might not work for everyone, but I guarantee I’ll please more than I’ll piss off,” Metzger wrote in a Facebook post.

He’s being charged with disorderly conduct, but he does admit he doesn’t see what’s illegal about walking down the beach, even if he’s dressed like an incredibly famous cinematic killer.

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