Punching a Horse Will Get You Kicked Out of the Olympics

In a move that should be common sense, but probably isn’t, the Olympic committee kicked a German coach out of the Olympics after he punched a horse.

Annika Schleu and her horse Saint Boy were performing well during the women’s competition, but when the time came for showjumping, Saint Boy didn’t want to do it. This led to Annika and Germany scoring a zero on this part of the competition. Obviously, not a great moment. But wait, it gets worse. Germany’s modern pentathlon coach Kim Raisner, who was yelling the whole time for Schleu to get her horse in line, was growing increasingly upset. Schleu was crying and, still furious, Raisner punched the horse on the hind leg.

Rainer was kicked out of the Olympics and a whole bunch of disciplinary boards are reviewing the incident and doing what they can to make sure this never can happen. Saint Boy shows no side effects from the hit and is likely looking for a book deal.

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    A German coach has been thrown out of the Olympics for appearing to punch a horse who was refusing to jump or trot during the modern pentathlon. Coach Kim Raisner was heard on German TV urging tearful athlete Annika Schleu to really hit the horse while she struggled to control Saint Boy during the showjumping round of Friday s women s event.

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