Scotland Names Their Snow Plows

Scotland is a beautiful country and they continue to add to that wonderful history. This past week it has come to light that the country of Robert Burns and Gerard Butler names their snow plows and you can track the location of them on-line.

Here’s a map with the location of Spready Mercury and Snowbegone Kenobi, along with a partial list of names. God bless the Scots.

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    You see, Scotland apparently names its snowplows, or “gritters” as they’re called across the pond. And, true to Scottish form, those names are just delightful. You can even track where they are at any given time. Take it away, list! Amber Snowy Arctic Angel BFG Big Friendly Gritter Blizzard Bear Chilly Connolly Darth Spreader David Plowie For Your Ice Only Fred Gangsta Granny Gritter Grit A Bit Grit Expectations Gritallica Gritney Spears Gritter Bug Grittest Hits Grittie McVittie Grittle Mix Gritty Gonzales Gritty Gritty Bang Bang Han Snow-lo I Want To Break Freeze Ice Breaker Ice Destroyer Ice Queen Jeremy Brine Lew-Ice Capaldi Licence To Chill Luke Snowalker Meltin’ John Mr Plow Mrs Gritter My Name’5 Doddie Nitty McGritty Penelope Gritstop Plougher O’Scotland Polar Bear Explorer Polar Patroller Ready Spready Go Rumble Salty Sandy The Solway Salter Scotland’s Bravest Gritter Sir Andy Flurry Sir Grits A Lot Sir Salter Scott Slippy McGritty Snow Bother Snow Destroyer Snow Dozer Snow Trooper Snowball Snowbegone Kenobi Snowkemon Go Sophie Salt Spready Mercury Sprinklebell Sprinkles The Golden Great Gritter The Grittiest Snowman The Incredible Ice Bear The Snow Buster The Snow Solution The Winter Explorer True Gritter Yes Sir Ice Can Boogie

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