Nixon’s Sandwich Still Frozen After 60 Years

Look, we get it, when you have the opportunity to take something touched by the hands of a Vice President and future President, you take it. If we could’ve gotten our hands on a McDLT foam carton thrown away by Al Gore in the 90s, of course we would’ve taken it.

But, keepin it, for 60 years? That’s the kind of dedication you need to at least tip your cap to. In 1960, Steve Jenne attended a Republican event in Sullivan, Illinois and Vice President Richard Nixon showed up.

As a youngster, Jenne hung close to the Veep, and when he set down and walked away from his bbq buffalo sandwich, Steve snatched it up.

And what did he do with his ill gotten booty? He put it in his freezer. And there is stayed… for 60 years. It’s come out a few time, once for an appearance on Johnny Carson and, we’re hoping for a good defrost every once in a while.

But what about now? Why are we talking about it? Well, Steve has written a book about his frozen sandwich collection. (Yup, it’s grown, including sandwiches from Carson, Steve Martin and Henny Youngman.)

And, thank goodness the holidays are just around the corner, because we know this book is going to be the first thing we ask Santa for.

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