Guy Who Makes Penis Candles Charged with Murder by Toad Venom

In a sentence that has never been written before, a Spanish porn actor, who has a side gig selling candles that are a ‘perfect replica’ of his penis, has been charged with murder by inhalation of deadly toad venom.

The venom comes from the Incilius alvarius North American toad. The victim, photographer Jose Luis Abad smoked the venom last July as part of a spiritual ceremony. Ignacio “Nacho” Vidal, the porn star, who was among several other people who partook in the ceremony, claim that Abad’s smoking of the venom was completely voluntary.

Nacho, whose candles sell for around $26US, are a “perfect replica” and are 25 centimeters long, has starred in over 1,500 adult films and has won several AVN awards.

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