Nudists Increase as Lockdown Continues

They’re naked. And they are not afraid.

A UK-based nudist group says their ranks have increased by almost 100% as more and more people are becoming comfortable with being naked. As one of the few benefits of this world-wide lock down, apparently spending a lot of time at home has more folks stripping down and giving nudism a try. Is it because they’re curious? Bored? Tired of doing laundry? Maybe all of the above.

The British Naturism group says they’ve seen over 200 new signups for virtual nudist events over the past few months. Nude yoga? Nude happy hours? Nude coffee chats? Yup.

The group says many are giving nude sunbathing a try and finding that they like it. (Fun fact: Ben Franklin called it ‘air bathing.’) And maybe this is the beginning of a new era of nudism. Of course, in the interest of safety, once these groups start meeting up in real life, they will need to at least keep their masks on.

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