Episode 44- Rodeo Clown Josh “Pork Chop” Garrick

Being on Why? was by no means Josh Garrick’s first rodeo. In fact, his first rodeo was when he was about 5 months old. These days, and for his entire career, he’s been rodeoing pretty much every day of his life.

Josh or Porkchop as he’s known on the PBR Bull Riding Tour is living his dream as a rodeo clown. So, what exactly is a rodeo clown and why was that Porkchop’s ultimate career aspiration?

Porkchop grew up in a rodeoing family. He knew this was exactly what he wanted to do for a living at the age of three and he let nothing deter him from that goal. He even went to college on a rodeo scholarship.

During our chat with him we found out how he got started as a clown, where he sees himself in the future and how he got that epic nickname. He also taught us a little bit about the trials and dangers of his colleagues known as the “secret service” of rodeo.

So, what exactly does a rodeo clown do? It’s a pretty hardcore entertainment gig for sure. The job involves being a master entertainer providing comic relief and fun to an arena of spectators and fans. The craziest part is that contrary to popular belief, the majority of what he does and goes through each night in the ring is entirely improvised. So, basically, he’s got to think on his feet, be witty, funny, clever, show physical comedy skills oh and sometimes he has to out-maneuver a bull without missing a beat. Top that all you stand-up comedians and sketch comedy performers.

We asked how one trains or prepares for a job like this and what the craziest moment he’s ever experienced in the ring was. His story is a good one, no bull and it gives new meaning to, “You’ve got me over a barrel.”

His love for his job and all it involves is captivating. He truly is living his best life and he loves every minute of it. The only time he ever gets tired is when he’s been on the road for long stretches away from his wife and son. These days he’s on the road about 30 weeks per year travelling and performing to massive crowds but thankfully he’s able to fly in and out to shows with ease to make sure he’s home for his son’s games and activities.

He’s truly an inspiration to pursue your dreams no matter how far-fetched or unusual they may seem. His joy comes through loud and clear throughout our conversation. He’s focused on faith, family and rodeo at all times and that doesn’t waiver. We’re pretty sure at least one person stuck behind a desk is going to re-evaluate their career choices and pick up their passions again after listening to Porkchop’s story.

Whether you’re a fan of the thrills of bull riding and other rodeo events or have never been to one, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our chat with Porkchop. To learn more about him and to find out when he’ll be coming to your town on tour visit his Facebook page here.

One Reply to “Episode 44- Rodeo Clown Josh “Pork Chop” Garrick”

  1. Marily Sampson

    When you listen to this podcast, you will fall in love with Pork Chop.
    However, I still don’t know why he would do this.

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