Episode 43- Cozy Mystery author Elizabeth S Craig

Fall is officially here, which means it’s the perfect time to start to get comfy and curl up with a cozy mystery. What’s a cozy mystery, you ask? Well, murder, mayhem, intrigue and sleuthing abound, but the reader is spared all the gory details. Also known as classic mysteries, these tales have captivated readers for decades. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, then you are a fan of a cozy mystery.

We had the opportunity to interview best-selling author Elizabeth Spann Craig about her career as a cozy mystery writer. We asked her what drew her to the genre, why murders seem to always happen in quaint towns and, most importantly, what her weapon of choice would be should she ever need to actually murder someone.

Elizabeth was a riot to talk to and she is the architect behind no less than four ongoing cozy series. The number of books she churns out each year will make anyone feel like they need to step up their game. She often has to write for multiple series at once, meaning her organizational skills are also on point at all times. On top of all that, her books are actually well-written and beloved by countless readers.

She even created an octogenarian sleuth, Myrtle, who outsmarts the killers every time. Heidi shared her thoughts about how everyone’s favorite elderly crime solver, Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote should have ended the series and how she thinks Myrtle should take a similar path. Elizabeth took the unconventional recommendation in stride. We’re hopeful she’ll actually use it.

She shared with us her research process and the instructions her husband has for his children should the police ever come calling. It can send a pretty confusing message when your book shelves are stocked with books on poisons, weapons and killers. Not your average home library so it’s best to have a preemptive strike ready to explain.

When asked why people love these types of book so much, she explained a little of her thoughts on our fascination with the darker side of life. She also shared that one of the things writers love most is that the information and clues unfold in the book for them at the same time as the characters. This allows readers to uncover the mystery with the people in the book and deduce their own solutions.

Elizabeth knew writing was in her blood from early on. Her story of her rise to becoming a successful author is one that will inspire and motivate anyone who hears it. Her diligence and passion for her craft is infectious and it’s clear she was destined to be a success in this fascinating field.

Whether you are an avid reader or just like a good interview, we know you will enjoy our chat with Elizabeth. We believe you’ll be hard-pressed to not be compelled to pick up one of her books for your evening read after a long day at the office. For more information on Elizabeth and her mysteries visit: www.elizabethspanncraig.com

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