Episode 39- Sculptor (and Reluctant Executive Producer) John Sauve

We’re not sure what’s more perplexing, why someone would dedicate their life to public art or why someone would ever want to produce this show? We get to the bottom of both on this week’s episode when we speak with our Reluctant Executive Producer, John Sauve.

Ok, ok… he’s actually more notably the renowned Public Artist, John Sauve but he belongs to us too.

John’s work was the first ever public art exhibited on New York City’s Highline, the park is now known for its extensive and exquisite ever-changing art installations. Yeah, he was the first one ever up there with his Man in the City series.

Since then that series has grown to be more than 100 permanent installations along the Detroit skyline and has become one of the most recognizable and intriguing things about the city for tourists and residents alike. Especially, since he loves to be coy about the true meaning behind the sculptures. Is there a definition or is it open to the viewer’s interpretation?

In addition, the series is one of the largest public installations in the world and often it’s a pretty dangerous one to install, seeing as the majority of the pieces are perched atop and on the edge of the city’s most prominent roofs and skyscrapers.

The series is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a slew of events and commemorative items to mark the success and continued expansion of the series and we look forward to toasting John to another decade of his incredible work.

Beyond his Man in the City, John is also known for his Hemingway Sculpture Project and I Am the Greatest Project. Both of these series pay homage to legends Ernest Hemingway and Muhammad Ali respectively.

Dedicated to the greater good and inspiring future artists, Sauve has dedicated a great deal of his career to working with and creating arts education programs around each of the installations he is working on.

In addition to being uber talented, committed to kids’ education and making the world a prettier place, he also somehow is friends with Heidi and Luke. He was actually the one who introduced them and thus ultimately to blame for this weekly jackassery you are all listening to.

If you’re one of the few that thoroughly enjoy their ridiculousness, just wait until you get a load of this episode. Because, now there are three of them diving deep into the well of random knowledge and it goes on for the whole 34 minutes. We’re just letting you know in advance to be ready. Personally, it’s one of our favorite chats ever, but we’re biased and he’s the Godfather of Why? so we have to feel that way.

If the absurdity isn’t your bag, we’re not sure why you’re still listening, but we suggest you at least take in the art discussion. It’s good stuff, we promise.

For those wanting to learn more about John’s work or to look at adding one of his installations/art series to your neck of the woods check him out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ManInTheCityDetroit/

One Reply to “Episode 39- Sculptor (and Reluctant Executive Producer) John Sauve”

  1. Marily Sampson

    This episode was so much fun, it made me think that every town needs a man on a roof top.
    How about trying Adelaide, South Australia? Well, why not?

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