Episode- 26 Blobfest with Brendan Carr

The Blob has been stopped once and for all. That is, as long as the Arctic stays cold…

Or has it?

Every year fans descend on Phoenixville, PA to pay homage to the man-eating alien amoeba that terrorized and devoured the citizens of Phoenixville in the classic film, The Blob.

Hosted by the Colonial Theatre, Blobfest is entering its 20th year. Featuring screenings of the movie and other horror classics, Blobfest is a packed weekend of events. Each year it begins with a recreation of the iconic runout of the Colonial Theatre followed by the Blob Ball. Yep, there’s a ball.

In addition, there are costume contests, meet and greets with stars of the era and a host of other activities.

But why exactly would people be so drawn to come back year after year to celebrate this b-movie phenomenon?

We sat down with Brendan Carr of the Colonial Theatre to discuss this year’s event and what it is that makes the oozy creature so compelling. And compelling, it is. The theatre-run out sells out within minutes each year and attendance continues to grow with travelers coming from far and wide to experience all the kitschy, cinematic madness.

Brendan told us stories of Blobfests past, from some of the craziest happenings to the most creative costumes. He was a wealth of film history, not just on The Blob, but other classics of the time. He shared how The Blob was originally the b-film of a double feature, but it became so rapidly popular it ended up taking top billing. That fandom is clearly still alive and well today.

Much of the film was filmed in Phoenixville and the surrounding areas. In addition to the festival events, movie lovers can tour the area and snap pics at the many famous locations from the film.

The film was actually celluloid legend Steve McQueen’s first major role. Who wouldn’t want to channel his legacy by re-creating classic lines from The Blob?

If you’re lucky, you may even get to see what’s left of the Blob itself onsite at the event. You know you want to get up close and personal with what was all its gooey, growing wondrousness.

This year’s Blobfest will take place on July 12-14. Tickets go on sale May 31, 2019. Phoenixville is a short drive from Philadelphia and Blobfest could make a great addition to a summer vacation in the City of Brotherly Love. For those who’ve never seen the film and for those who just can’t get enough, there are multiple screenings throughout the weekend, so prior Blob knowledge is not a mandatory to attend. Just remember, tickets go quickly.

If you’re jonesing to do the run out but can’t score tickets to this year’s event, the Colonial Theatre is a fully operational cinema year-round. They show a slew of first run and classic films. So, there’s nothing that says you can’t stage your own run-out any day of the year.

To purchase tickets or learn more about Blobfest click here.

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