Episode 20- Sex Coach Cain

“Sex is natural, sex is good. Not everybody does it, but everybody should,” George Michael’s iconic lines were running on repeat in Heidi’s head throughout our entire interview with Sex Coach Cain. What was going through Luke’s head, you ask? “Yakity Sax.”

We can start unpacking all that conversation at a later date, but in the meantime let’s get a little dirty with our chat with Sex Coach Cain.

Cain is magnetic, engaging and a straight shooter when it comes to talking about S-E-X. Those traits are a big reason why she’s been successfully helping individuals and couples get in touch with their freaky side for more than two decades. She’s compassionate to those who may not have had the most robust experience in the world of hanky panky and ensures all who come to her understand they are in a safe space to tell all. Offering one on one Skype sessions for individuals and couples as well as adult conversation sessions for groups, Cain works with clients across the country looking to expand or improve their sexual horizons. During our time with her we found out the latest trends in makin’ whoopee, whether or not size truly matters and the number one key to being good in bed. Guess what, telling everyone how great you are isn’t the answer. Big talkers, we know who you are and Cain can see right through you.

As a clinical sexologist, Cain has a different role than that of a sex therapist and during our chat together we explored those differences. She shared with us the type of people who benefit most from working with someone like her and why people come to her. Cain is an eternal student of her craft and is a master of helping people become more comfortable with opening up about their fantasies, desires and fears. She continues to study new techniques and is always ready to share. She even offers specialty classes for those looking to hone certain talents such as the mother of all male body desires- the blow job.

We know our listeners love sex and nudity, but we also know they also love the deep and provocative questions we ask guests. We promise we didn’t disappoint during this interview. We, of course, inquired as to what kind of coaching style she had- whistle, Gatorade, tracksuit? What’s her take on Luke’s choice for gettin’ it on mood music (see paragraph 1)? What happens when she gets asked to speak at her grandkids’ career day?

Cain was hilarious, warm and within the first minute we could tell she is a master at her job. Listen for yourself, we’re confident you’ll agree.

Oh. and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @sexcoachcain. Her daily tips, tricks and advice are fantastic and the perfect way to dip your toe into learning a little more. It’s also the best way to contact her if you’re looking to pop that cork on your own sexuality.

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